INI AV Blog - 7 Benefits of Home Automation

7 Daily Benefits of an Automated Home

October 11, 2019 Home Automation


Integrated smart homes are the current trend for an ideal modern lifestyle. Most of us already carry a smartphone, which we use to stay organized with calendars, alarms, and instant communication. Bringing that level of intelligence and automation to your home is the next logical step. Let's discuss seven benefits of integrating and automating your home today.

Peaceful Sleep

Climb into bed each night knowing your CCTV cameras, sensors, and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors are working even while you sleep. Hear a noise on the back porch? View your camera footage live from any smart device without leaving the bed.

A Watchful Eye

It’s nice to know who exactly is knocking on your door, even when you aren’t home. Motion sensors, cameras, and microphones help you identify your visitor and even talk to them. State-of-the-art locks even allow you to control who enters your home with a voice command or fingerprint.

Bright Lights

With an integrated lighting system, you can control the lights in your home. Smart lights have a ton of great features to help you save money, set the mood, and improve security. Plus, you'll never have to worry again if you left that important light on or off when you left on your business trip. Now you can check it from your phone on the go.

Makes Sense to Save Cents

As a savvy homeowner, you’re always looking to save your hard-earned cash wherever you can. To help you save as much as possible, consider investing in an integrated system. With it, you can track, analyze, and adjust your home energy usage habits with ease. Save money while adding lots of value to your home.

Shade your Assets

In most cases, the ideal home includes big windows to let in direct sunlight. But, this light can have the unwanted effect of fading paintings, casting a glare on your TV, or keeping you from enjoying a midday nap. Luckily, motorized shade control can help you protect your eyes as well as your assets without having to leave the comfort of your couch. Add some high-tech décor that can also increase your home’s value.

A Central System

Adding a structured wiring system to your home can further increase its value. Many automated features are completely wireless, but there will always be a few necessary wires. Keep those unsightly wires out of sight, organized, and centralized. A well-configured system will give you easy access to the infrastructure you need now while leaving you room to grow in the future.

Magic Movie Nights

What better way to spend the night than with an unforgettable movie right in the comfort of your own home? Use your room's voice controls to set the lighting and pick the movie. You can even pause and resume the movie by voice command when it's time for a popcorn refill. If you want to take the show outside, control your projectors and wireless speakers from your phone. There's always a convenient way to stay in control.


Control everything, from your TV equipment and lighting to shades, temperature, and music. Also access systems, such as surveillance cameras, to see who's at the door. Contact us today for a free consultation!

  • Jim and his crew saved my entire implementation of my home audio/video/lighting paired with Savant's home automation platform. I had been through 2 integrators previously. My first integrator failed to address many of the issues on the setup they installed themselves. My 2nd integrator was decent, but never responded to my follow up inquiries. I contacted Savant Systems and asked for the best integrator in the area and they recommended INI. Jim has always been responsive and efficient by making sure all issues are addressed. Jim and his crew (I met Luke and Pablo) were able to address all of my issues and get my setup rock solid. I haven't had one single issue since. My biggest regret is not finding them from the beginning of my build out. I would have likely saved money and time if I used them from the beginning. I won't hesitate to reach out to INI for future needs or the next home system I build out.

    Sean Brown
  • I had them automate my house and the professionalism and attention to detail was prefect. To sum it up, it just works.

    It was a three man team to automate my house with lutron lights, audio,  and video control using a Savant system. They ran wire, redid my network, and showed my how to use the new simple technology. 

    It's pretty cool to go from just hanging out to full entertainment inside and outside of the house for a game while playing music with two touches on my phone. The team was fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. You can tell they've been working together for awhile. 

    I would highly recommend!

    Sean Reiche (via Yelp)
  • My wife and I have been an INI client for many years. The expertise and value they have brought has been remarkable. They assisted us with a failed system, upgraded us to a new system years later and have been there for all unexpected issues (i.e. power outage resets, user error, etc.). They are responsive and have always been available when needed - in my opinion this is rare. Kudos and to Jim, Luke and the INI team!!! John & Lori

    John Wiegand
  • I have used the INI team for a few jobs because they are professional, thorough and I trust them. Jim and his team are technically savvy and remain available and responsive when I call back with questions. They also care about their community and have supported numerous Veteran / Wounded Warrior events. I will use INI again.

    Ed Mason
  • When our home was built, INI did all my audio/video installation. Any issue I had, they were right there with positive assistance. Jim and Eric are the best. They are knowledgeable and courteous. I trust them without any hesitation.

    Jim Moseley
  • We have worked with Jim and Luke and the folks at INI for over 10 years. They have always been exteamly helpful listening to what we wanted to accomplish with our TV and sound system helping us to realize our a fantastic finished product. Not being Tech savy we were more than intimidated by the incredible advancements in TV, programming and sound systems. Jim or Luke were always there to answer our questions and to walk us through a glitches we may have caused. Their incredible patience led us into the new world of modern TV viewing. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for the latest and greatest in home entertainment. They are just the BEST.

    Jim and Rusty Shilkett
  • INI did an awesome job hooking up my condo. From tv's, sonos sound system to a new network.  

    Staff was friendly, punctual, flexible around my work schedule. Took extra time to walk me through how to use the system.  Very professional and clean.  

    Melanie Ciz (via Yelp)