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4 Benefits of a Savant Smart Home

January 31, 2023 Home Automation

Here at INI, we’re invested in making every home feel luxurious with smart home systems that provide comfort and convenience in all areas of the home. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Savant, whose products have been in the world’s most luxurious homes since 2005. Here are some of the benefits when you choose a smart home with Savant.

Unparalleled Convenience & Control

Savant offers the unparalleled convenience of controlling your lighting, climate, and entertainment from a single, intuitive app or the Savant Pro Remote X2. The tap of a button will grant you the ability to control any light in the house from wherever you are. You can schedule outdoor lights to welcome you home after work or save energy by setting your system to shut off lights in empty rooms.  You'll have control over every aspect of your property and you won't have to expend any more energy to do so!

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Unique Solutions

Savant Pro offers solutions for the most unique homes, whether you need controls for your pool, home theaters, or other special areas. A “movie night” setting will automatically dim the lights, turn on the projector, and automatically recline your seats. When you’re looking to entertain family and friends, Savant’s whole-home entertainment distribution allows you to listen to music within seconds; it’s easy to put on a fun album by the pool or soft tunes for dinner, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the moment and less time hassling to set things up. You can even customize a Sonos playlist for each room.

Support from Afar

You won’t always be at home, but Savant systems will still take care of everything, and even send you real-time notifications if anything goes awry. Savant homes are excellent at managing your energy systems any time you may be home or away. In case of extreme cold or humidity, your system will send you alerts so you can make the necessary adjustments. You can adjust your thermostats before you arrive home so you can bask in a comfortable temperature by the time you arrive, even setting different temperatures per room. By scheduling your shades to close at midday, you can keep the heat of the sun at bay.

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Full Customization

Savant offers full flexibility, allowing you to create profiles for your friends, babysitter, housekeeper, and all members of the family granting them access to adjust the home to their specific preferences. Let's take a look at what a full day with Savant may look like. At 7 am, your home has warmed a few degrees before you wake up and the shades gently roll up to allow morning light to drift into your room. Your favorite calm song plays softly through the speakers. By 8 am, everyone is out the door and all you need to do is tap "away" to shut off the lights, close the blinds, and optimize your energy settings so you can head out the door quickly. At noon, it's easy to open your door from your office, so the delivery man can drop off a package inside the safety of your home. It's easy to close it once everything has been delivered. When you arrive home at 5 pm, you've already heated your hot tub to unwind before dinner. At 7 pm, you've curated the perfect dinner playlist and soft mood lighting that welcomes your guests into your home. By the time everyone leaves around 10 pm, it's time to watch your favorite TV show using the "goodnight" scene to set the perfect lights and temperature from the comfort of your bed.

When you decide to opt for Savant products, you choose excellence. Whether you'd like to install whole-home entertainment or are interested in learning more about lighting systems, contact INI today to get started!

  • Jim and his crew saved my entire implementation of my home audio/video/lighting paired with Savant's home automation platform. I had been through 2 integrators previously. My first integrator failed to address many of the issues on the setup they installed themselves. My 2nd integrator was decent, but never responded to my follow up inquiries. I contacted Savant Systems and asked for the best integrator in the area and they recommended INI. Jim has always been responsive and efficient by making sure all issues are addressed. Jim and his crew (I met Luke and Pablo) were able to address all of my issues and get my setup rock solid. I haven't had one single issue since. My biggest regret is not finding them from the beginning of my build out. I would have likely saved money and time if I used them from the beginning. I won't hesitate to reach out to INI for future needs or the next home system I build out.

    Sean Brown
  • I had them automate my house and the professionalism and attention to detail was prefect. To sum it up, it just works.

    It was a three man team to automate my house with lutron lights, audio,  and video control using a Savant system. They ran wire, redid my network, and showed my how to use the new simple technology. 

    It's pretty cool to go from just hanging out to full entertainment inside and outside of the house for a game while playing music with two touches on my phone. The team was fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. You can tell they've been working together for awhile. 

    I would highly recommend!

    Sean Reiche (via Yelp)
  • My wife and I have been an INI client for many years. The expertise and value they have brought has been remarkable. They assisted us with a failed system, upgraded us to a new system years later and have been there for all unexpected issues (i.e. power outage resets, user error, etc.). They are responsive and have always been available when needed - in my opinion this is rare. Kudos and to Jim, Luke and the INI team!!! John & Lori

    John Wiegand
  • I have used the INI team for a few jobs because they are professional, thorough and I trust them. Jim and his team are technically savvy and remain available and responsive when I call back with questions. They also care about their community and have supported numerous Veteran / Wounded Warrior events. I will use INI again.

    Ed Mason
  • When our home was built, INI did all my audio/video installation. Any issue I had, they were right there with positive assistance. Jim and Eric are the best. They are knowledgeable and courteous. I trust them without any hesitation.

    Jim Moseley
  • We have worked with Jim and Luke and the folks at INI for over 10 years. They have always been exteamly helpful listening to what we wanted to accomplish with our TV and sound system helping us to realize our a fantastic finished product. Not being Tech savy we were more than intimidated by the incredible advancements in TV, programming and sound systems. Jim or Luke were always there to answer our questions and to walk us through a glitches we may have caused. Their incredible patience led us into the new world of modern TV viewing. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for the latest and greatest in home entertainment. They are just the BEST.

    Jim and Rusty Shilkett
  • INI did an awesome job hooking up my condo. From tv's, sonos sound system to a new network.  

    Staff was friendly, punctual, flexible around my work schedule. Took extra time to walk me through how to use the system.  Very professional and clean.  

    Melanie Ciz (via Yelp)