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Stay Comfortable in Spring with Lutron and Savant Window Treatments

February 28, 2023 Shade Control

This month, we're welcoming spring's warmer days, but there are often cold nights and a few chilly days. Maybe you've been spending more time adjusting your thermostat for the constantly changing temperatures, but you can easily help your home become warmer or cooler with the roll of your window shades. Windows can leak up to half of your home's heat, and that's why INI has partnered with Savant and Lutron to offer a variety of window treatments that will keep your home comfortably insulated and save your energy bills this spring.

Insulating Honeycomb Shades

Homeowners that are seeking to effectively insulate their home will favor the honeycomb shade, named for its hexagonal design that traps heat when unfurled. When stowed, it folds up like an accordion and welcomes in the light of warmer, sunny days. Lutron offers automated shade designs in multiple fabrics with a variety of control capabilities, allowing you to create personalized schedules for your blinds to open and close to trap heat or welcome light.

For example, the Serena honeycomb shades are battery-operated for a near-silent operation. With the Lutron app and Smart Bridge, you can close the shades from your bed or your office for the ultimate convenience. You can even create time schedules that prompt your shades to open a few minutes before you arrive home to enjoy sunlight without losing your home's heat through the windows.

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Roman Shades

Roman shades are constructed with a thermal acrylic foam that effectively maintains your home’s interior temperature. Due to their detailed-temperature control and modern, user-friendly design, they're loved by homeowners who have witnessed drops in their energy bills.

There is a wide variety of colors and textures of Lutron's roman shades that will maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the seasons. Sivoia QS operating system can operate Lutron’s full range of window treatments, no matter which style you prefer. You can even opt between fascia, pocket, or recessed mount options for a design that matches perfectly with your home’s interior.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are one of the most elegant and affordable design options that allow homeowners to control the heat and light entering the home. Savant offers an extremely large range of roller shades that are perfect for every room of the home. It’s easy to use your mobile device, a touch-screen remote, in-wall keypads, or your voice to set your shades to open or close as you wish.

Savant offers three levels of shades that vary in their level of light blockage and privacy. Translucent allows for sunlight while maintaining your privacy, Sheer diffuses light even when your shades are fully closed, and Blackout offers the highest level of privacy and total light blockage. Savant's Inception Series shades feature sleek aluminum hardware, versatile motorized and manual automation options, and a minimalist profile without visible wires or screws.

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Vertical Drapery Tracks

Do you seek something a bit more unique than the traditional window treatment? Vertical drapery adds a bit of extra flair to the home, whether you like simple vertical slatted panels or dramatic lush drapery. No matter the material, these shades are ideal for sequestering heat while maintaining privacy, and their modern motorized version pulls your drapes up and away from the window to elegantly frame the view outside your home.

For lovers of the traditional drapery look, Lutron offers the Kirbé Vertical Drapery System, and when paired with Lutron's Window Sensors and Hyperion solar-adaptive shading software, you can easily welcome more sunlight into your home to warm it on sunnier days. This software tracks the path of the sun and adjusts the shades accordingly to save energy, reduce glare, and maximize natural light. When you combine multiple Window Sensors, your shades will act according to the weather without you having to make any manual adjustments.

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Woven Wood Blinds

For homeowners who like natural textures or seek an eco-friendly home, the texture of woven wooden blinds is the ideal choice. These natural fibers, composed of bamboo, reeds, or linen, allow more light to filter into the home while still blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays that affect skin, eyesight, and furniture.

Lutron’s Sivoia QS Triathlon is touted as their most fashionable and reliable shading system and is available in woven wood blinds styles. Although this material is a bit heavier than other options, motorization is the perfect solution for anyone who manually struggles to adjust the blinds. Because Sivoia QS Triathlon is battery-powered, it’s perfect for both young and old members to maintain a sense of independence in controlling shades without struggling with a manual cord.

Are you beginning to imagine Lutron’s Kirbé Vertical Drapery adorning your bedroom or Savant's Inception Roller Shades in your home office? Whether you have questions about mounted hardware or Window Sensor technology, INI is here to help you make an informed decision and install window treatments from Lutron and Savant. Contact us today to begin!

  • Jim and his crew saved my entire implementation of my home audio/video/lighting paired with Savant's home automation platform. I had been through 2 integrators previously. My first integrator failed to address many of the issues on the setup they installed themselves. My 2nd integrator was decent, but never responded to my follow up inquiries. I contacted Savant Systems and asked for the best integrator in the area and they recommended INI. Jim has always been responsive and efficient by making sure all issues are addressed. Jim and his crew (I met Luke and Pablo) were able to address all of my issues and get my setup rock solid. I haven't had one single issue since. My biggest regret is not finding them from the beginning of my build out. I would have likely saved money and time if I used them from the beginning. I won't hesitate to reach out to INI for future needs or the next home system I build out.

    Sean Brown
  • I had them automate my house and the professionalism and attention to detail was prefect. To sum it up, it just works.

    It was a three man team to automate my house with lutron lights, audio,  and video control using a Savant system. They ran wire, redid my network, and showed my how to use the new simple technology. 

    It's pretty cool to go from just hanging out to full entertainment inside and outside of the house for a game while playing music with two touches on my phone. The team was fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. You can tell they've been working together for awhile. 

    I would highly recommend!

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  • INI did an awesome job hooking up my condo. From tv's, sonos sound system to a new network.  

    Staff was friendly, punctual, flexible around my work schedule. Took extra time to walk me through how to use the system.  Very professional and clean.  

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