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Bring Light to Your Home with Lutron

March 29, 2023 Lighting Control

The ideal home is a space where every member of the family feels free to relax, unwind, and enjoy their personal and shared spaces. Did you know that the way you light your home can play a big part in creating a particular mood? Whether you want to feel relaxed in your bathroom or energized in the kitchen, our partner Lutron has a wide range of solutions tailored to perfectly light each space of your home. Here are INI's favorite ways to bring light to your home with Lutron.

Light Up Your Kitchen

A kitchen is more than a place to cook meals; it’s often a central gathering place in every home. Whether you’re prepping the daily meal or hosting friends for wine and charcuterie, your kitchen requires a mix of task and ambient lighting for all purposes. All you need is a single elegant ceiling-mounted fixture or recessed light fixture to create ambient lighting that will encourage everyone to hang out in the kitchen.

The ideal placement for LED task lighting is under your cabinets, which will help you see your handiwork as you chop vegetables and sauté shrimp. Lutron uses dimmers that are compatible with LED lighting, allowing you to adjust the light intensity in your kitchen depending on the time of day or the mood. LED lighting also conserves more energy throughout the home, so you can feel good that when you want a more relaxing atmosphere, you’re also helping your home to save energy.


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Brighten Your Dining Room

The dining room is the perfect space for an artistic pendant that hangs above your table to highlight the dinner conversation among your guests. This light can function as both task and ambient lighting from a single source. Thanks to Lutron's dimmers, you'll be able to adjust the brightness from an app on your phone to create the ideal lighting for every meal of the day.

What color are your dining room walls? If they’re a few shades darker, we suggest adding wall sconces or flush-mounted fixtures to brighten the room and create a sense of more space. Lutron’s Aliante pendant and wall sconces are the ideal solutions to create a dramatic visual that complements luxurious architecture.

Layer Your Living Room Lights

The living room is another high-traffic area in the home and is the perfect space for layered lighting solutions. We are gladly saying goodbye to traditional recessed lighting, which casts an overly strong downward light with harsh shadows. Instead, we're embracing lighting that creates warmth and brightness that bounces off your walls and ceilings, such as ceiling coves or valance lighting. Task lighting is still provided by the traditional table lamp, while accent lighting can illuminate artwork, décor, or other interesting architecture in your home. Lutron’s Inflection sconces double as artwork with color-changing lighting capabilities for a streamlined, yet whimsical design.

If you have a media room, you'll only need light when your TV is not in use, so a few wall sconces or a single pendant will sufficiently light your room while adding to a movie theater atmosphere. Lutron makes it easy to adjust and manage your layered lighting preferences with automated lighting controls that allow you to create and customize scenes from "movie night" to "reading." This allows you to spend more time enjoying your space and less time tinkering with your lights every time you want to change the mood.


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Illuminate the Bathroom

Apart from your kitchen, your bathroom needs the strongest task lighting to help you start your day or prepare for a big night out. The traditional strip of lights above the mirror casts unflattering shadows and exaggerates blemishes and dark shadows. Instead, we're moving towards placing a pendant on each side of the mirror for a brightness that evenly lights a face at eye level. Some sconces are adjustable, allowing users to achieve the perfect angle for applying makeup or shaving their face.

On the flip side, we think the best bathrooms can also emit a spa-like atmosphere. If you want to add a dreamy feeling to your bathroom, we’re fans of the Silvus sconces, which change color to evoke the motion of water in a forest setting. Place them by your bathtub and put on some calming music for a perfect night in.

Softly Light the Bedroom

The most relaxing place in your home should be the bedroom, your ultimate sanctuary. Floor lamps, wall sconces, or subtle architectural lights are sufficient; no recessed fixtures or pendants are necessary. The award-winning L’ale sconce by Lutron and Ivalo adds a simple elegance to any room, but we think it would be right at home in a bedroom.

Homeowners who enjoy reading before bed will benefit from adjustable wall-mounted lamps, which function as your only task lighting in the room. However, we think brighter recessed light fixtures are perfect for your closet, which can help you see and choose your clothing for the day.

Whether you’re looking to redesign your kitchen’s lighting or you’re designing a brand new build, here at INI we’re prepared to install integrated lighting solutions that will combine all your lighting under a centralized operating system. Whether you’re curious about streamlined sconces or artistic hanging pendants from Lutron, contact INI today to begin!

  • Jim and his crew saved my entire implementation of my home audio/video/lighting paired with Savant's home automation platform. I had been through 2 integrators previously. My first integrator failed to address many of the issues on the setup they installed themselves. My 2nd integrator was decent, but never responded to my follow up inquiries. I contacted Savant Systems and asked for the best integrator in the area and they recommended INI. Jim has always been responsive and efficient by making sure all issues are addressed. Jim and his crew (I met Luke and Pablo) were able to address all of my issues and get my setup rock solid. I haven't had one single issue since. My biggest regret is not finding them from the beginning of my build out. I would have likely saved money and time if I used them from the beginning. I won't hesitate to reach out to INI for future needs or the next home system I build out.

    Sean Brown
  • I had them automate my house and the professionalism and attention to detail was prefect. To sum it up, it just works.

    It was a three man team to automate my house with lutron lights, audio,  and video control using a Savant system. They ran wire, redid my network, and showed my how to use the new simple technology. 

    It's pretty cool to go from just hanging out to full entertainment inside and outside of the house for a game while playing music with two touches on my phone. The team was fast, efficient, and knowledgeable. You can tell they've been working together for awhile. 

    I would highly recommend!

    Sean Reiche (via Yelp)
  • My wife and I have been an INI client for many years. The expertise and value they have brought has been remarkable. They assisted us with a failed system, upgraded us to a new system years later and have been there for all unexpected issues (i.e. power outage resets, user error, etc.). They are responsive and have always been available when needed - in my opinion this is rare. Kudos and to Jim, Luke and the INI team!!! John & Lori

    John Wiegand
  • I have used the INI team for a few jobs because they are professional, thorough and I trust them. Jim and his team are technically savvy and remain available and responsive when I call back with questions. They also care about their community and have supported numerous Veteran / Wounded Warrior events. I will use INI again.

    Ed Mason
  • When our home was built, INI did all my audio/video installation. Any issue I had, they were right there with positive assistance. Jim and Eric are the best. They are knowledgeable and courteous. I trust them without any hesitation.

    Jim Moseley
  • We have worked with Jim and Luke and the folks at INI for over 10 years. They have always been exteamly helpful listening to what we wanted to accomplish with our TV and sound system helping us to realize our a fantastic finished product. Not being Tech savy we were more than intimidated by the incredible advancements in TV, programming and sound systems. Jim or Luke were always there to answer our questions and to walk us through a glitches we may have caused. Their incredible patience led us into the new world of modern TV viewing. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for the latest and greatest in home entertainment. They are just the BEST.

    Jim and Rusty Shilkett
  • INI did an awesome job hooking up my condo. From tv's, sonos sound system to a new network.  

    Staff was friendly, punctual, flexible around my work schedule. Took extra time to walk me through how to use the system.  Very professional and clean.  

    Melanie Ciz (via Yelp)